The program was named with a twofold meaning.  First, that all women are created by God with individual strengths.  When these strengths are nurtured, a strong force emerges that is glorifying to God-  as we see in the warrior Deborah, of the Bible.  Secondly, as a remembrance of Deborah Bockus, who died at the age of 53. Her potential was untapped as she lived with addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Legacy began as a shared vision of co-founders Allison Huebner and Jill Vaughn. They recognized the pressing need for a safe, healthy alternative in the North Platte area for women facing homelessness- Women who were ready to do the hard work necessary to live a life of sobriety and wholeness. Allison & Jill envisioned a sanctuary founded upon the ideal of community where women would be loved and accepted but also challenged and held accountable by fellow members of the community. Their research lead them to Magdalene.  Legacy was loosely patterned after this amazing program located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Thanks to the incredible support and encouragement of our local community, Deborah's Legacy was transformed from a vision into a reality. We welcomed our first resident in February of 2013. 

Deborah's Legacy
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