What Legacy IS

Legacy is a unique community which offers hurting women an individualized opportunity for transformation and growth. A resident can stay at Legacy for up to 2 years, but 2 years is not mandatory.  When a woman walks through our doors, we offer her a chance to take a deep breath, plant her feet firmly on the ground, and step forward with a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Because each story is different, each plan is different. We connect residents with local community services as well as offer our own "in-house" resources. The following are a few of the "tools" Legacy makes available to each resident:

Gallup's Strengths Finder

At Legacy we believe every person is a unique creation with a very particular set of strengths. We help determine what a resident's strengths are and then coach them towards living those strengths in the "balcony" rather than the "basement".  

 Financial Peace University

Financial barriers are a frequent obstacle on the path to health and wholeness.  Offering residents life skills, like budgeting and saving for the future, can clear the path in a very practical way.


Broken interpersonal skills can cause many of us to remain stuck in unhealthy patterns. Practicing healthy conflict resolution and exercising healthy boundaries are vital to living a healthy, fulfilling life.

Peacemakers Conflict Resolution

What Legacy is NOT…

Legacy is NOT a Government Agency  
Legacy is faith-based. It’s important to understand that Legacy’s foundation is based upon a desire to love others as Christ has loved us. Therefore, everything we do is filtered through a Biblical lens. We believe that faith, prayer, and biblical truth have a unique ability to transform lives. Although faith is the reason “we do what we do”, we NEVER want to dishonor Christ by “shoving the Bible down someone’s throat”. We value all women as unique creations made in the image of their creator. Therefore, women of all beliefs are enthusiastically welcome at Legacy.

Legacy is NOT Compulsory
Living at Legacy is 100% VOLUNTARY. We would hope residents view this unique opportunity as a gift and a launching pad, rather than a “jail sentence” or burden. If participants are not interested in earnestly pursuing personal growth in each of 5 areas (relationships, finances, health, work, and faith) by active participation in all that Legacy offers, then staff will help them find an arrangement that better fits their plans, without judgment. It is ultimately the resident who decides whether they want to be here or not. We gauge each resident’s level of commitment by her actions rather than words alone.

Legacy is NOT Staffed 24 Hours/Day
Staff members envision the Legacy program working best when the residents themselves have ownership over their success. Our desire is to create a sense of true community among the residents so that they are looking out for one another’s best interest, keeping each other accountable, and sharing life together in a deep and meaningful way. Staff positions exist to encourage without enabling, challenge each resident’s growth, connect residents to resources in the community, and broaden each lady’s healthy circle by introducing them to amazing volunteers and new experiences. We hope graduates will remain a part of this larger Legacy community by coming back occasionally to share in our morning devotions, take a class, or volunteer their time.

Legacy is NOT Easy
During their stay at Legacy, residents have a chance to focus on the issues that have lead to desperation. This often means addressing one or more of the following key areas: relationships, finances, health, work, and faith. Lasting change is always difficult. Therefore, participation in the Legacy program is not to be undertaken lightly. We expect to see steps in the right direction (even faltering ones), guided by Legacy’s three-level requirement for graduation. Participation in the Legacy program is not easy, but worth it!

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